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Webinar: Are you achieving maximum feed efficiency from your robotic dairy herd?

26 May 2022
19:00 - 20:00 Hours

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Feed costs represent approximately 60-70% of the variable costs involved in milk production; increasing feed conversion efficiency should reduce the cost per litre of milk produced and therefore increase farm profitability.

During this webinar Philip Ambler, Technical Manager will discuss;

  • The key profitability drivers in a robotic milking system
  • How to increase feed efficiency
  • The optimum approach to balancing revenue and costs

Emma Moore, Robotic Milking Specialist will take the opportunity to offer an overview of two Preston based customers who have recently trialled the new ForFarmers’ Robot Analysis Programme. The programme being offered to ForFarmers customers analyses and benchmarks the farm data giving increased an opportunity to refine and improve business performance.

Steven Holden who manages a 110-cow herd has perfected the balance between out-of-robot and in-robot feeding; maize silage has been added to the dairy ration, making changes to concentrate use, and a switch to a lower-protein blend have all helped boost milk yields. The farm is not currently looking to increase cow numbers but hope to become even more efficient. The ForFarmers Robot Analysis Programme has been used to analyse and benchmark performance and provide some useful insights into how to take the business forward.

Emma has also worked closely with Nick Eccles who manages an 180 strong pedigree Holstein herd, milked through three Lely robots where both zero-grazing and detailed analysis of robot data have played important roles in helping to reduce purchased feed costs, boost milk yield and improve profit margins.

The ForFarmers Robot Analysis Programme collects real-time data from the milking robot and provides a clear picture of on farm data. This analysis enables specialists to recommend changes to robot settings, nutrition and animal management, that will maximise both robot and cow performance to meet overall farm objectives.

Throughout the presentations there will be opportunities to submit questions. The webinar will then conclude with a Q & A session chaired by Laurence Loxam, ForFarmers UK Robotic Commercial Manager.

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