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Webinar: The New Equilibrium

17 March 2022
19:00 - 20:00 Hours

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As any dairy farmer will be aware, markets have moved dramatically over the last four months.

Autumn 2021 begun with milk prices averaging around 28ppl and compound at £250 per tonne, while 2022 opened with milk prices rising month by month and feed prices under considerable inflationary pressures.

As well as a humanitarian catastrophe, the invasion of Ukraine also has the potential to significantly impact on world food prices. Ukrainian and Russian cereal exports are likely to be significantly reduced, Russian AN fertiliser is unlikely to be available and there are many uncertainties about the other raw material markets. Volatility is widespread, and at this stage it is hard to judge longer term implications.

Discussion topics

On Thursday 17th March you are invited to attend a webinar hosted by Andy Paine, Ruminants Marketing Manager and Philip Ambler, Ruminant Technical Manager.

During this webinar, Andy will present insights in to the following areas:

  • How will events in Ukraine affect raw material availability?
  • How do the economics of dairy production stack up in a world of increased raw material volatility and energy prices?

Philip will take the opportunity to discuss how feeding for milk production and feed efficiency has never been so crucial. With farmgate milk prices regularly setting new records and feed prices continuing to escalate, what is the optimum approach to balancing revenue and input costs?

Within the ForFarmers tool box we have solutions and advice to help your business counteract the global pressures and pricing challenges we are currently seeing.

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