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Case Studies
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Case Studies

Please find below links to case studies that some of our valued clients have kindly allowed us to publish.

    Silage additives - Future Biogas

    A British biogas company is fuelling success on farms in the UK through its advanced anaerobic digestion plants, with gas production from organic feedstocks being boosted by fast-acting, cost-effective, silage additives.

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    FM BioEnergy Expert advice proves invaluable to AD newcomers BioDynamic

    BioDynamic UK operates a 2.5 MW AD plant in Colwick, Nottinghamshire, which treats 150,000 tonnes of food waste each year. As a first-time developer, the company faced many obstacles in its journey to successful AD operation, but thanks to expert biological support from FM BioEnergy, keeping the digester running smoothly wasn’t one of them.

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    Boxford Suffolk Farms

    Trace Elements for Process Stability - Boxford Suffolk Farms

    When the Boxford Group commissioned their 0.5 MW AD plant in 2014, everything started well. However, they soon noticed their propionic and acetic acids climbing; this was causing them to reduce their feedstock levels, creating further problems as they are contracted to process a daily amount of apple pomace from an on-site fruit juice factory.

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    Springvale Energies

    Enzymes Increase Plant Capacity - Springvale Energies

    In 2014, Nigel Bloom set up Springvale Energies to develop a 499 kW AD plant, built by Binowa, at his farm, log cabin park and fishing lakes in Nottinghamshire. But after six months’ operation, gas production began to fluctuate. And when CHP production dropped from full capacity down to 475 kW – causing Nigel’s FIT payments and electricity sales to reduce by £860 per week – he realised his plant needed help.

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    Ammonia Control

    Ammonia Control in Anaerobic Digester to Improve Profitability

    Using an additive from FM BioEnergy, specialists in AD nutrition and plant optimisation, AD operator Ynergy has achieved its CHP run time target of 96.6% and saves £20k+ annually on unnecessary feedstock costs.

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