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FM BioEnergy Services

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FM BioEnergy offer a range of services to help operators of anaerobic digestion plants improve operational effiiciency and therefore the financial performance of the plant. Please click on the links below to find out more about each service.

We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION first analysis so if you're plant is not running at a high efficiency please contact us. Our aim is for all our customers to consistently achieve full output.


    FM BioEnergy as part of ForFarmers agribusiness purchase a large volume of feed materials and co-products from the agricultural, brewers, distillers as well as human food and drinks industry. 
    These materials are in the form of dry, moist and liquid feeds and are suitable for use as feedstock in Anaerobic Digestion plants.

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    Silage Additives and Seeds

    For biogas plants fed with purpose grown crops making good silage is vital to their profitability. More biogas per tonne of material and minimised storage losses increases efficiency per hectare.
    Firstly you need to select the right seed variety to suit your location and requirements. As part of ForFarmers we can offer an extensive range of seeds through our Forage division. Please click here for more information.

    Once the crop is grown you need to ensure it is preserved correctly to minimise energy losses. FM BioEnergy recommend the use of Silasil Energy, a biogas specific silage additive manufacutured by Schaumann BioEnergy. Silasil Energy has been approved by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) as increasing methane yield and improving aerobic stability.

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    Biological Support Contracts

    To efficiently manage a biogas plant and maximise financial returns, it's critical to understand what is going on inside the digester. This requires:

    • an approved laboratory to carry out regular analysis, and
    • technical knowledge to interpret the results, provide feedback and make corrections as required.
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    Process Additives

    Trace Elements

    As trace elements are crucial to assisting with enzymatic reactions any deficiencies in the digester will result in the bacteria not working at optimal conditions.  The trace element packages that can be provided are made specifically for a customer and the levels of each element based on Schaumann BioEnergy's extensive research in this field - something no other company can boast.  A bespoke solution is important to ensure optimul levels are achieved for a broad range of micro nutrients.

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    Gas Leakage Detection

    Gas leakages on biogas plants are invisible but they can have a major economic impact: 1m3 of methane loss per hour equals a financial loss in the region of £5,000 per year.

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