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Active Ingredients

  • BC.PRO START - developed for the commissiong phase. The mixture of micronutrients, iron compounds and buffer substances creates an optimal environment for the process biology and effectively reduces the hydrogen sulphide in the biogas.
  • Ncon – reduces the inhibitory effect in the nitrogen rich plants, particularly when using high quantities of high protein substrates.
  • Scon – binds hydrogen sulphide in the substrate.
  • SLcon – promotes the decomposition of the sinking or swimming layers and inhibits their reformation.
  • VIScon – homogenises the fermentation substrate and reduces wear and tear on pumps and mixer.
  • SPcon – reduces and prevents foam formation through targeted alteration of the physical properties of the substrate.
  • PHcon – supplements buffering substances increasing the buffer capacity.
  • ThioB – the nutrient complex ThioB optimises the biological desulphurisation of the biogas in external static bed systems.