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Biological Support Contracts

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To efficiently manage a biogas plant and maximise financial returns, it's critical to understand what is going on inside the digester. This requires:

  • an approved laboratory to carry out regular analysis, and
  • technical knowledge to interpret the results, provide feedback and make corrections as required.
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FM BioEnergy offer a Biological Support service to all sites, large or small and any feedstock. This service includes telephone support, so that you can speak with one our experienced consultant to discuss daily operations or quickly trouble shoot any issues that may arrise.

Laboratory Analysis

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FM BioEnergy use a world class biogas laboratory to provide on going analytical support to enable plant operators to enablem them to understand what the health of their digesters.

To date our laboratory have undertaken analyses on over 25,000 biogas plant samples, and are at the forefront of research into the optimisation of the biogas process.

In addition we also offer feedstock quality and substrate analysis. This includes biomethane potential batch testing for both mesophilic and thermophilic digesters, plus the oportunity of continuous testing of feedstock for materials that are less well understood.

Trace element is a standard service we offer. For customers buying trace elements products from us we offer four free sets of analysis per year.

Analysis Available

Analysis Packages

  • Digester Analyses (Package A) - A=pH, VFA/TIC
  • Digester Analyses (Package A / B) - A=pH, VFA/TIC, B= Single component VFA
  • Digester Analyses (Package A / B / C) - A=pH, VFA/TIC, B= Single component VFA, C=DM, oDM, NH4 - N

Individual Analysis  

  • pH
  • Acid Array
  • NH4-N
  • Total N
  • DM
  • oDM
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Macro and Micro Elements (ICP) - Ca, K, Mg, Na, P, S, Al, As, B, Ba, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Li, Mn, Mo, Nb, Ni, Pb, Se, Si, Sn, Sr, V, Zn
  • Gas Analysis - CH4, CO2, O2, H2, H2S, NH3

Biogas Yield

  • Bio Methane Potential (Mesophilic at 39oC or Thermophilic at 54oC) - DM, oDm, NH4-N, kinetic of biogas production, gas concentrations of CH4, CO2, H2, H2S - 28 days minimum duration. Sample sizes: solid homogenous material – 1kg, liquid 3L (min 3%DM)
  • Continuous Test - 9L CST, daily maintenance:feeding, gas volume and quality

Substrate Analysis  

  • Feedstock Analysis – NIR (maize / grass silage) - pH, DM, oDM, crude ash, crude protein, crude fibre, starch, sugar, crude fat, NDF, ADF, ELOS, EULOS, ME, NfE
  • Feedstock Analysis (wet chemistry) (materials other than maize) - pH, DM, oDM, crude ash, crude protein, crude fibre, starch, sugar, crude fat, ME, NfE, NEL, nXP, RNB
  • Feedstock Analysis (wet chemistry). Single parameter: pH, DM


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In addition to full biological support contract FM BioEnergy offers an individual consultancy services that include plant commissioning and disaster aversion/recovery.

Our plant commissioning service enables an anaerobic digestion plant to be fully commissioned in the optimal time frame, with 70% of plants achieving full gas in 14 days. The service starts with a survey of the process design, seed material and intended feedstock. This allows us to produce a feeding plan for the operator to follow. We supply nutritional products to create the optimum environment for biological population growth, and we closely manage the process via regular analysis and feedback to ensure a stable process and minimum time to full output.