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Gas Leakage Detection

Afbeelding: Gas leakage prod icon

Gas leakages on biogas plants are invisible but they can have a major economic impact: 1m3 of methane loss per hour equals a financial loss in the region of £5,000 per year.

Our gas leakage detection service is key to avoiding these financial losses and also reducing health & safety risks and damage to the environment through fugitive emissions. The service covers a full survey of the AD plant including:

  • digesters, CHP's, biogas upgrading equipment, foils, pipes and flanges
  • analysis of emissions from CHP and double foiled covers
  • analysis of diffusion through biolene membranes
  • report with images, videos (example below) and repair priority table

Detection Methods

The survey is conducted using a methane sensitive camera and IR devices to detect every leakage on the biogas plant.

When you should conduct a survey

  • at the start of full operation
  • after significant maintenance work
  • if you can smell biogas at any points around the plant
  • If your feed to gas conversion is lower than expected (and the biology remains stable)

Our Experience to date (based on 200 audits)

  • 25% of plants have significant leaks causing serious financial losses and safety concerns
  • 60% of plants had minor leaks, fixing these results in a payback on the survey cost within 12 months
  • 15% had no leaks