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Process Additives

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Trace Elements

As trace elements are crucial to assisting with enzymatic reactions any deficiencies in the digester will result in the bacteria not working at optimal conditions.  The trace element packages that can be provided are made specifically for a customer and the levels of each element based on Schaumann BioEnergy's extensive research in this field - something no other company can boast.  A bespoke solution is important to ensure optimul levels are achieved for a broad range of micro nutrients.

Trace element products are available in both granular (in digestible bags) and liquid forms to ensure ease of application for all plant types.

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Active Ingredients

In addition to trace elements, we also have a range of products available to deal with specific digester issues such as:

  *  High ammonia levels
  *  H2S
  *  Low buffer capacity
  *  Foaming
  *  Scum layers
  *  High viscosity

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Many degradable substances such as cellulose, hemi cellulose, proteins and starches are not readily accessible when presented in various substrates. The addition of certain enzymes ensure that the necessary enzymatic steps are completed such as the exposure and breakdown of cell membrane molecules, reduction of the so called cross links and separation of high energy metabolites. Once these steps are completed decomposition takes place rapidly and efficiently, improving gas yield without the need for increased retention time.

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