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The BC Concept

The BC (Biogas Control) range of products are available in both granular and liquid form and are designed to:
  • Stabilise the biological process
  • Activation of the methanogenic organisms in the fermenter
  • Synchronisation of the individual steps in biogas production
  • Long-term increase in the fermenter performance
  • Maximisation of the methane yield
  • Increase in the company profits

Bespoke Solutions

Each products is formulated to Schaumann BioEnergy's requirment levels and produced specifically for the individual plant, based on analysis to ensure optimual conditions for the biology of the plant.


The BC Product Range


Analysis based individual mix of trace and macro elements supplemented with additional active ingredients depending on specific requirements of the plant. This means just one blend matching all demands of the fermenter.
Designed for plants with more than nutrient deficiencies such as protein-rich fermenters (BC.Pro Ncon), or high H2S content on biogas (BC.Pro Scon).
Dosage Rate: 3-4kg/100kW
Supplied in a digestable bags 10kg-25kg
Concentrated products for the specific micro and macro nutrient supplementation. BC.Compact meets all nutrient requirements in a digester. In addition to trace elements, the requirements of macronutrients are also covered as well
Dosage Rate: 2kg/100kW
NEW! The trace elements bound as chelate complexes are even more bio-available and afford better protection against the increased risk of precipitation due to the high sulphur content of farm fertilisers. Therefore, even lower dosage amounts are possible.  
The product range is especially recommended for plants with a basic supply of main nutrients like sodium, iron, etc. as in mono substrate plants, a complete supplementation of macronutrients is not always possible.
Dosage Rate: 1kg/100kW

Chelated trace elements in a concentrated liquid form. BC. and CR.TEplex products are pure trace element blends. Due to the high concentration and the low dosage a supplementation of main nutrients is not possible. The products are pH neutral, not corrosive and not toxic due to the complete sequestration of the trace metals. Like all BC.products, BC.TEplex blends are bespoke for each customer.

Dosage Rate: 0.2 - 0.4kg/100kW