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Broiler EPEF score success for ForFarmers customer David Dimishky

Broiler diet

A review of the management and feeding systems on David Dimishky's Yorkshire broiler unit has resulted in outstanding results with the latest crop of birds achieving a score of 403 in the European Production Efficiency Factor scheme (EPEF); a formula which calculates the daily growth, feed conversion, and mortality percentage to measure the performance of broilers.

David Dimishky, an independent broiler producer for major poultry supplier Cullingworth and customer of ForFarmers, feeds his 40,000 birds on ForFarmers Laser Broiler Diets on his site in Hull.  A year ago he was facing significant performance challenges on the unit which led to him contacting ForFarmers whose Mark Brightmore and team reviewed the whole management and feeding systems on the unit, altering the lighting programme and switching the birds on to a Laser broiler diet. "The birds’ performance markedly improved, showing the value of assessing the whole management programme at the unit. Since then there had been significant improvements in EPEF scores with the fourth crop of birds really outstanding,” says Mark.

David Dimishky takes on his pullets to 41 days and cockerels to 47 days. The latest (fourth) crop results showed that at 37 days his pullets weighed in at 2.24kg; the slaughter weight was 2.66kg at 41 days. The cockerels finished at 4kg at 47 days. Average liveweight was 3.15kg at 42 days and average daily gain was 73.4g. Overall EPEF score was 403. This result demonstrates that given appropriate management, Laser broiler diets will support the expression of modern broiler genetic potential, up to and beyond breed stated target levels,” says Mark.

“The Dimishky fourth crop result proves that producers do not need state-of-the-art production facilities to achieve outstanding results. Provided the nutrition, husbandry and management is top quality, performance can be much improved,” said Andrew Burley, Poultry Sales Manager at ForFarmers.

Nutrition is all about using the right feed products, with ingredients of the purest and highest quality, at the right time, to ensure the producer can maximise the growth potential of the bird. “Nutrition combined with best in class management and husbandry techniques – as in this case - can lead to outstanding performance for all producers whether they are independent or integrated,” said Mr. Burley.

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