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ForFarmers and Sedamyl increase co-product availability


ForFarmers are delighted to announce that the available volumes of SelcoPlus, SedaGold and Wheatfeed are set to increase significantly. Based on ForFarmers long term partnership agreement with Sedamyl, who has recently announced an increase in production, means a greater and more secure supply of some of our best offerings.

“We have had a close working relationship with Sedamyl for many years,” commented ForFarmers’ Neil McInnes, procurement manager dry, moist and liquid feeds (DML). “And look forward to continuing that relationship and provide the highest quality feed that our customers have come to know, in large quantities. This is fantastic news for all involved, especially for the farmers that regularly use SelcoPlus, SedaGold and Wheatfeed. It gives even greater assurances about provision of these products, and we also now have a bigger platform on which to reach and supply even more farmers.”

The Sedamyl factory


ForFarmers prides itself on providing a wide range of feed options that consistently meet all the nutritional requirements of herds throughout the UK. SelcoPlus, our performance moist blend, is nutritionally rich in energy and protein and makes for a great addition to help balance a variety of forage mixes.

“We use a unique bespoke preservation method for enhanced keeping quality” says Victoria Aston, ForFarmers product manager of liquids and moist blends. “This alongside its fresh aroma and sugar level ensure its palatability, helping to drive intakes, and both meat and milk production,” she adds.

SelcoPlus delivery


Our high energy and protein liquid co-product, SedaGold, mixes easily with other feeds and provides consistent nutritional specification that improves rations and dry matter intakes. “Total and partial mixed rations are enhanced as SedaGold holds the meal and fibre, ensuring the ration stays thoroughly mixed,” adds Victoria. “Produced by Sedamyl from starches and alcohol in Yorkshire, the syrup has high sugar and good salt levels helping to drive intakes in all classes of ruminant stock.”

Meeting customers needs

On the expansion of the Sedamyl co-products, Victoria comments “Having Sedamyl provide local manufacturing of SelcoPlus and SedaGold has been a huge benefit when it comes to traceability, and it is what has enabled us to provide these products to order all year round.” She continues; “Increasing the capacity at their plant in Yorkshire helps us to maintain our high standards of quality and convenience for our customers and I could not be happier about the announcement.”

In addition, this development aligns with ForFarmers ‘Going Circular’ strategy – a commitment to sustainability – which includes a commitment to responsible resourcing by maximising the use of non-food materials.

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