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ForFarmers brings together leading pig vets at Piglet Vitality Conference

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Leading pig vets from across Europe came together in Dusseldorf earlier this month to discuss piglet vitality at ForFarmers inaugural Veterinarian Conference. Vets from practices in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK shared knowledge, experiences and best practice regarding the challenge of enhancing piglet health and vitality whilst reducing medication.

Delegates of the two day conference learnt of the latest developments, research and innovations around improving piglet health and welfare, progress of national programmes in reducing levels of medication and emerging health challenges being seen on farm. Director of the ForFarmers Nutrition Innovation Centre, Ad van Wesel also shared some of the key areas of nutritional innovation and knowledge which are being driven by the business, across the continent.

Speakers at the inaugural conference included Dr Chris Proudfoot, from the Roslin Institute who spoke on gene editing techniques and their potential for introducing disease resistance in pigs. Dr Astrid de Greeff, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research provided a summary on research into progressing the understanding of Streptococcus Suis. Dr Ronald Scholten shared how fermented raw materials can be used to improve feed efficiency and Dr Lisbeth Shooter, Innovation Director at Danish research institute Seges, offered a Danish perspective on piglet vitality in a Zinc free, low medication world.

Dutch veterinarian Pieter van Rengen of Lintjeshof Veterinary Practice concluded the conference by highlighting the benefits of adopting a structured approach between farmers, veterinarians and nutrition to address piglet health. This approach has been used to develop the recently launched ForFarmers NutriCare360 programme, which brings togeyher the expertise of veterinarians and ForFarmers nutritional solutions to support individual farmer’s objectives. ‘working together for better health’.

Patricia Beckers, ForFarmers Manager Nutrition and Innovation Swine said “The purpose of this Vets in Piglet Vitality conference was to bring vets and nutritionists together to recognize that we cannot work individually in making steps in improving health and performance on farms but need to work more collaboratively. We have a collective aim for improving piglet vitality as there is no one silver bullet solution to the challenges we face.”

“There are still gaps in our collective knowledge we need to fill.  But as ForFarmers we are committed to embracing this new collaborative approach for better health and For the Future of Farming.

Farmers and Veterinarians wishing to participate in the NutriCare360 programme and an initial assessment should contact Emma Slater. Emma.slater@forfarmers.eu