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ForFarmers’ Specialist Piglet Nutrition team, complete.

Afbeelding: Tim Sawyer wide small

Leading UK feed manufacturer ForFarmers completes its team of in-house experts, dedicated to working with UK pig producers on the practical application, on farm, of piglet nutrition.

Tim Sawyer, Young Animal Feed Manager, who joined earlier this year, comments: “Our business has a proven track record of leading nutrition, and we make a promise to producers of a having the expertise and experience to offer the total feed solution.

“For the challenging sector of UK pig production, optimising the performance of every life stage is critical in order to ensure maximum returns. We know great performance later on all starts with robust sow management and the next step on from that is carefully balanced nutrition for piglets, from day one.

“We already have a great piglet nutrition product range in place, in VIDA, which has been developed through an ongoing and robust UK and international trial programme, tried and tested on indoor and outdoor units. This dedicated piglet team is about being able to offer our customers further support on farm, on the practical application of VIDA diets, to optimise performance and maximise producer returns.”

Working alongside Tim, who joins from Provimi, ForFarmers’ new specialist piglet team includes Emma Slater from AHDB, Dr Charlotte Evans, and Wes Udall who joined from Harper Adams. In addition to this the piglet division is supported by Jayne Wetherell who leads the customer service team supporting VIDA and Lee Peters, responsible for the manufacture of VIDA on the dedicated press line at the mill in Bury, East Anglia.