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Lintec provides omega-3 benefits

Afbeelding: Linseed Flowers

Lintec is a unique feed for dairy cows that is available through ForFarmers and used with Visiolac, a milk fatty acid analysis tool. Lintec contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, from a specific variety of linseed that has been processed to release more of the natural nutrients.

These fatty acids help to enhance energy efficiency by reducing both the level of saturated fatty acids and the energy wasted in the rumen as methane. This results in potential milk production increases of more than three litres per cow per day.

High levels of starch and sugar can result in a greater production of lactic acid and volatile fatty acids (VFAs). An excessive build-up of these VFAs reduces rumen pH and causes acidosis. But Lintec can improve cow health by helping more efficient removal of VFAs from the rumen.

Research has shown that most cow services result in fertilisation, but approximately 75% of developing embryos are lost within the first 21 days of pregnancy. This is mainly due to an imbalance of hormones circulating within the cow, which leads to embryo loss.

By inhibiting prostaglandin production and increasing the amount of progesterone the cow produces Lintec can also significantly improve fertility within the dairy herd. Trials have shown increases in egg numbers and reductions in embryo mortality, as well as greater success at first insemination.

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