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Reseed leys with varieties from recommended list

Afbeelding: Recommended list

Utilising grass-seed mixtures, which include the top varieties on the Grass and Clover Recommended List (RGCL) from leading plant breeding programmes, guarantees higher yielding and better quality leys that can offer more efficient fertiliser use and boost both grassland productivity and animal output. So says ForFarmer’s Mel Digger.

“The cost of reseeding with these mixtures can be quickly re-couped through increased grass production, as well as improved milk output and animal performance,” she says. 

The top-quality grasses in these mixtures offer value to producers through: yield performance, dry matter and energy; field performance, disease resistance and persistence; and feed performance, which includes grass fibre (NDF), cell wall digestibility, water soluble carbohydrate, and protein.

A new ley comprising the best performing grass varieties will produce an extra 2,470kg of dry matter per hectare in a year when compared to swards that are between eight and 10 years old.

“Other benefits include superior D values and average ME is typically 0.8MJ/kg DM higher than older leys. This equates to an extra 30,000MJ/ hectare, which is worth more than 2,500 litres of milk per year,” she adds.

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