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Boost for Southern beef farmers with appointment of new specialist

Afbeelding: KatherineBigwood

Good feed conversation rates and daily weight gains are key to ensuring a profitable beef enterprise, and UK feed manufacturer, ForFarmers, is making sure that its customers are getting the advice they need through the appointment of a beef specialist.

New recruit, Katherine Bigwood, started in her new role in October and provides individual customers and ForFarmers account managers with the technical and nutritional advice needed to help beef producers improve their performance.  

“I cover a wide geographical area, from South Wales, across the South of England,” explained Katherine. “And have responsibility for providing beef farmers with the nutritional support they need to make their enterprise as successful as possible; helping to find the right feeds and diet to ensure optimal cattle performance.”

Katherine has extensive experience in the beef sector and has been actively involved on her parent’s farm in West Somerset, where she established her own herd of pedigree Hereford cattle. She is also an enthusiastic livestock judge and has won various competitions including a first in the senior beef stock judging category at the English Winter Fair in Staffordshire, as well as successfully qualifying for the National Federation of Young Farmers Club’s senior stockman of the year competition.

Despite having only recently started in her new role, Katherine is already busy providing beef producers with specialist nutritional advice and examining ways to improve farm profitability.

 “As part of my role I will be working with beef farmers to help them improve feed efficiency – so converting more of the feed they use into meat sold,” explained Katherine. “This is especially important with increasing growing and finishing costs, and I am already working with several large beef units in the South West, where the focus is on maximising the use of homegrown feed, whilst maintaining strong growth rates.”

 ““This is just an example of the kind of work that I will continue to be involved with and I am looking forward to getting the chance to meet more farmers, and working with them to move their businesses forward”. 

For more information contact Katherine Bigwood on 07787 105020 or e-mail