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Bread provides complement to maize silage feeding

Afbeelding: bread

Producers looking to reduce feed costs this coming winter should consider using bread to complement this year’s maize silage. 

Yields and starch levels of maize are predicted to be down compared to 2014 in some areas and bread can be a cost effective way of bolstering low starch maize.
By mixing bread with a moist feed, such as Mash Pro 30, producers can produce a high-energy and highprotein ration that’s suited to complement low starch, low-protein maize.

This bread-moist feed combination can also be fed at a higher rate to replace any shortfall in the predicted maize crop, with a blend of Mash Pro 30 and bread (fed at a ratio of 4:1) providing 33% dry matter, 23.9% protein, 13MJ/ kg ME and 27.5% starch.

With bread delivering energy at a cost of 9.6p/10MJ, it also represents a cost effective source of complementary feeding compared to other high-energy feeds, such as cereals, which command an equivalent price of 10.5p/10 MJ of energy.

ForFarmers’ dry, moist and liquid feeds are able to deliver separate loads of Mash Pro30 and bread, in a suitable ratio for clamping, to any customer wanting to take advantage of current competitive pricing. 

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