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Caustic wheat available and ready to use on farm

Afbeelding: Caustic Wheat

Treating grains with caustic soda can be difficult without having the right machinery available, as well as knowledge and experience.

But the good news is that ForFarmers’ DML supply the treated grains ready to use on farm, says the company’s marketing manager Brian Doran. “This takes much of the guess work out of the equation, providing a more consistent and reliable product ready to feed on farm,” he explains.

Caustic treated wheat provides a slower release of fermentable energy to the rumen due to its larger particle size and alkaline nature, which is nutritionally better for the cow. “And some of the grains escaping rumen degradation provide rumen bypass starch, which can be beneficial for high yielding dairy cows,” adds Mr Doran.

Typically feeding up to 5kg/day, palatability and intakes are good. And there is no dust or separation in the mix. Stored in feed bays, keeping quality is good with monthly deliveries. However it can also be clamped and stored for the winter.

For more information call ForFarmers DML on 0870 0500 306.