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Conferences aim to improve your youngstock rearing

Afbeelding: Youngstock specilists

Feed company, ForFarmers, is hosting a series of conferences in September and October to promote efficient youngstock rearing in the UK.

As part of ForFarmers’ continued commitment to help improve youngstock rearing amongst customers, the company has organised a series of conferences in the north of the country that are dedicated to helping farmers improve heifer-rearing performance and profitability.

The conferences are free attend for customers, and take place on 29 September at Nantwich Town Football Club in Cheshire, Kendal Auction in Cumbria on 30 September, and Lochside House Hotel in East Ayrshire on 1 October.

“With heifer rearing representing the second largest cost for dairy enterprises, and 20% of all farm expenses, we want to help support our customers so that they can rear youngstock in the most effective and efficient manner possible,” explained ForFarmers ruminant product manager, Nick Berni,

“In order to do this, each of our conferences will focus on highlighting recent research as well as the most effective techniques to utilise when rearing youngstock.”

Topics covered in each conference include caring for young calves, achieving better growth rates from improved calf health and cost effective heifer rearing. The speakers at each event will be Peter van’t Veld from Denkavit NL in the Netherlands and Owen Atkinson from Dairy Consultancy Ltd, as well as Rachael Kennerley and Lindsay Reynolds from ForFarmers UK. 

The conferences are FREE, but please register your attendance with Lizzie Jackson by phone, text or email on 07973 955905 or

Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the conference.