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Consider liquid feeds

Afbeelding: mol

Early analysis results for this year’s first-cut grass silage indicate higher dry matter, higher protein, lower energy and higher fibre (NDF) values. As producers examine the best type of feeds to complement silage, molasses products look nutritionally attractive.

They provide readily fermentable carbohydrate, which helps to kick start the rumen with slower fermenting more fibrous forage, and also supply fast energy, which helps capture fast soluble protein present in this year’s silage. ForFarmers’ molasses product FFARMOL is more ‘flowable’ than standard molasses as it contains condensed molasses solubles. These also provide a little extra protein (7% CP) supplementation. A full range of liquid products is available from pure molasses to distillers’ syrup protein products, such as Sedagold Syrup, which can help balance the diet where low protein forages, such as wholecrop and maize silage, feature.

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