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Consider starch-based feeds

Producers looking for opportunities to reduce feed cost should consider high starch energy feeds, such as bread and caustic wheat, to complement this year’s grass silage, according to ForFarmers’ Richard Colley.

With higher fibre content on average and lower energy value compared to 2015, co-products such as bread and biscuit are ideally suited to provide fermentable energy to help ‘drive’ the rumen. Although easy to handle and store, care should be taken when feeding due to their high starch content.

Caustic treated wheat provides a slower release of fermentable energy to the rumen due to its larger particle size and alkaline nature, which is nutritionally good for the cow. Some of the grains escaping rumen degradation provide rumen bypass starch, which can be beneficial for high yielding dairy cows. 

Feeding up to 5kg of caustic wheat per day, palatability and intakes are good. Stored in feed bays, keeping quality is good with monthly deliveries. But it can also be clamped and stored for feeding. 

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