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Cost-effective source of protein

Cost-effective source of protein

Locally produced brewery co-products could help dairy producers to reduce their feed bills, according to ForFarmers’ Brian Doran.

“Mash Pro 30 is one of our co-products, which is produced by breweries in the South West,” says Brian. “Not only does it provide a higher level of protein and energy compared to similar feeds used on farm, but it is also more cost effective than many traditional feed materials.”

The cost of protein from Mash Pro 30 is around 49p/kg CP (compared to between 56p and 60p/kg CP for rape and soyabean meal). Producers willing to clamp 100 tonnes or more are able to secure prices as low as 38p/kg CP. Thanks to the fermentation process involved in producing this feed, it also has a highly digestible form of protein, with better levels of undegradable protein, higher energy and a higher dry matter content compared to brewers’ grains.

“More producers may be using wheat and barley in feed in response to attractive cereal prices, and Mash Pro 30 is a good source of complementary protein,” adds Mr Doran.

“Producers in the South West could consider securing and clamping stocks of Mash Pro 30, ready for autumn, at an attractive price.”

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