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Focus on forage inputs leads to increased herd performance

Afbeelding: grass1

The best way to maximise the return from grass is to apply the correct balance of essential nutrients, particularly nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur, according to ForFarmers’ fertiliser products manager Paul Coupe.

However, while sulphur improves N utilisation, and is often deficient in grassland, other nutrients can be provided by Nutri-Booster fertiliser. Sodium can improve grass palatability; selenium can boost cow fertility; and magnesium is important for spring turnout because it helps to both guard against grass staggers and boost chlorophyll production in the plant. And it doesn’t end there, as ForFarmers’ forage products manager Robert Goodhead explains: “Improving the utilisation of what is grown with effective field and clamp management is something that all producers should do. Whether it’s reducing DM losse during fermentation and storage, or reduced heating and waste at feed-out, choosing the right silage additive is important.”

ForFarmers has a wide range of products for increased animal output, milk production or live-weight gain, each with different benefits, which our forage specialists can advise on and are detailed in the ForFarmers 2017 Forage Guide. For more information, or a copy of ForFarmers’ Forage Guide contact customer services on 0845 070 6280