For the Future of Farming


Forage Forum near Tewkesbury

Farmers in the South Midlands and South West are invited to attend a ForFarmers Forage Forum held near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire to discuss 'Getting the most out of forage'. 

The event, which takes place during a morning meeting, at The Beckford Inn, Cheltenham Road, Beckford on Thursday 25th January 2018, will bring together speakers from across the dairy industry.

Amongst the speakers will be Jon Telfer of Yara's Lancrop Laboratories, who will discuss the role of soil nutrition as the foundation for top quality forage. John Morgan of KWS will talk on "Growing maize for performance' and Louis Hurdidge of Lallemand will look at managing forage fermentation for best results. ForFarmers' Alison Boydell will close the meeting following a discussion on feeding forage to increase profit. 

DairyPro points are available for attendees. 

The meeting is free to attend, but please call Polly Gillett on 07908 226255, or email to register your attendance.