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Forage utilisation

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The best way to maximise the return from grass is by applying the correct balance of essential nutrients – typically N, P, K and S – according to ForFarmers’ fertiliser products manager Paul Coupe.

“Always use the most effective nutrient  sources and apply fertiliser at the right time, as delays in application are likely to reduce dry matter yield,” he explains. “Ensure that nutrients are spread accurately, select a uniform compound rather than a blend and use the most effective nutrient sources. Ammonium nitrate, for example, is more reliable than urea.”

It doesn’t end there, as ForFarmers’ forage products manager Robert Goodhead explains: “Improving the utilisation of what is grown, with effective field and clamp management, is something all producers should do. Whether it’s to reduce dry matter losses during fermentation and storage, to reduce heating and waste at feedout, or to increase animal output – either milk production or liveweight gain – choosing the right silage additive is important.”  

ForFarmers Forage & Arable has a wide range of products, each with different benefits, which its specialists are able to advise on and are detailed in the Forage Guide 2016.

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