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ForFarmers FM BioEnergy wins award

Afbeelding: award

ForFarmers anaerobic digestion (AD) division FM BioEnergy was recently awarded winner for Best AD Support (Technical) 2016 by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA).

The award examined two case studies where technical support was combined with products to provide a bespoke trace element solution BC.MAGXX that helped restore both AD plants to full production. Further digestate analysis with the correct interpretation resulted in an enzyme solution BC.ZYM increasing production through improved efficiency.

FM BioEnergy provides products and services to optimise the biology of AD plants. Working across both waste and agricultural plants, their client base generates over 35 per cent of the UK’s AD biogas output. They help AD operators to:

  • Gain greater process control and run stable and efficient AD operations 
  • Increase gas yields from the same amount of feedstock 
  • Reduce feedstock levels without decreasing gas yields 
  • Reduce feedstock retention time
  • Swiftly troubleshoot any biological imbalances

According to the Green Investment Bank, the average UK AD plant runs at 70% efficiency. FM BioEnergy can transform an underperforming plant back to full load in just a few weeks. If applied to the entire UK AD industry, this 30% increase in output could deliver an additional 160 MWe-equivalent of energy – enough to power a city the size of Norwich – without requiring any additional feedstock.

“A 1 MWe plant running at 70% efficiency is losing a potential income of £1,000 per day, even before you factor in feedstock costs. If the cause of inefficiency is due to biological reasons, the situation will not improve without intervention.”

Tim Elsome, General Manager, FM BioEnergy

Bespoke trace elements service

The AD process relies on microbes breaking down organic matter through a series of dependent biological processes. Trace elements are required in small amounts to allow these processes to occur. If a plant is lacking in vital trace elements, it will yield less gas and suffer process disruption, resulting in less profit for the operator.

To ensure optimum biological conditions, FM BioEnergy creates bespoke trace element packages for individual customers, based on their German technology partner Schaumann BioEnergy’s extensive research, something no other UK company can offer. The ADBA award is a result of the excellent products and service provided to customers and demonstrates ForFarmers key values of ambition, partnership and sustainability.