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Introducing our Forage & Arable division

Afbeelding: agronomy-team

ForFarmers Forage and Arable division is headed up by Paul Selby and operates out of Evesham in Worcestershire.

Paul has a dedicated forage customer services team supported by product managers Paul Coupe on fertiliser, Mel Digger on seeds and Robert Goodhead on forage additives.

The range of seed products includes roots, cereals and grass seeds as well as forage maize seed, and together with the fertiliser and silage additive portfolio, ForFarmers is confident that with their knowledge and expertise they can have a significant impact on feed and forage efficiency.

We believe it is vitally important to select seed varieties for optimal quality and performance, choose the correct fertiliser to maximise yield and use specific forage additives to improve feed efficiency. To maintain quality and productivity and take full advantage of all that modern agronomy has to offer, contact ForFarmers Forage and Arable using the details below.

Call the team on 0845 070 6280 or email