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Latest grass varieties and mixtures improve production

Afbeelding: TOPGRASS web

ForFarmers has updated its TOPGRASS mixtures for 2017 to include the new varieties on the grass and clover recommended list from leading plant breeding programmes.

These are higher yielding and better quality, delivering better utilisation of fertiliser to boost grassland productivity and animal output, says ForFarmers’ Mel Digger. “The range includes the latest high-sugar grasses and maximum fibre digestibility varieties to increase intake potential to support extra milk production or improved live-weight gains. Every 1% in DNDF results in 0.25 litres milk/ cow/day, while high sugar grasses can increase milk production over the grazing season by 6%.”

Since the TOPGRASS range was launched in 2016 there have been many success stories and plenty of positive feedback, resulting in one farm winning the ForFarmers’ ‘Forage Manager of the Year’ award. “This shows that grass seed mixes, selected using the best varieties available from plant breeders can have a positive impact on achieving good levels of production,” adds Ms Digger.

For more information on TOPGRASS mixtures call customer services on 0845 070 6280.