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Regular reseeding is vital

Afbeelding: Photo-0017 cropped

With 110 cows in milk, plus dry cows and followers, and only 65 hectares, making sure that leys are performing well, in order to support a system focused on milk from grass, is a key concern for Stewart Cave. He farms at Lower Nancrossa Farm, near Falmouth, Cornwall.

In order to ensure that his grass leys yield good quantities of high quality forage, Stewart aims to reseed 10 hectares each year.

Having consulted with ForFarmers’ forage specialist Louise Woolacott, Stewart decided to reseed using the new TOPGRASS Extragen mediumterm multicut silage mix in March. He was impressed with the mix of grass varieties, which are all on the NIAB recommended list.

“I thought that the seed mix provided a promising combination of rye grasses,” explained Stewart. “We cut for silage throughout the season and always want to achieve consistent cuts.

“Considering that we’ve had a tricky growing season, with some very damp weather earlier in the year, the mixture has performed extremely well.

“I was really impressed by the short dormancy period of the seed and how quickly it got away. This early growth suppressed any weeds from coming up, which meant that I didn’t have to spray the ley and saved both time and money.

“Overall, the grass has responded well to inputs and the yields and levels of regrowth have been good,” says Stewart.

For information on the TOPGRASS range of mixtures click here or call 0845 070 6280.