For the Future of Farming


Removing the gamble of dairy genetics 'selecting, breeding & retaining winning cows'

Farmers in the Staffordshire area are being invited to attend a technical meeting, hosted by feed company, ForFarmers and Cogent Breeding to help promote better understanding of dairy genetics, breeding and fertility.

As part of ForFarmers’ continued drive to help improve herd performance amongst its customers, the company has arranged for three industry specialists to share their knowledge to help farmers’ ability to breed and retain high performing cows. 

The meeting will be held between 11am and 3pm in the Paddock Pavilion at Uttoxeter Racecourse on Wednesday 28th September and is open to all dairy farmers in the area.  

“Many dairy producers put a lot of effort into breeding the best performing cows, with good genetic potential, but then struggle to get them in calf,” explained ForFarmers Technical Manager, Chris Elliot. “To ensure that farmers are getting the best returns from their investment in genetics, it is vital that they look to optimise cow fertility to increase the likelihood and ease of cows getting in calf.”

“A key factor in this is to ensure that transition cows are correctly prepared for their next lactation,” continued Mr Elliott. “In the run up to service their feed, body conditioning, rumen preparation and general care should be focused around improving fertility rather than milk production.”

As well as cow fertility, other topics covered at the farmer meeting will include genomic testing, use of sexed semen and the role of calf nutrition.  The speakers at the event include Michael Phillips, from Cogent Breeding, Chris Elliot, ForFarmers Technical Manager and ForFarmers Youngstock Product Manager, Rachel Kennerley.

Attendance of the meeting is free, but those planning to attend must register their interest by contacting Roger Poynton – tel: 07803 286764 or email: