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Technical meeting attracts large gathering of beef producers

Afbeelding: Troy Stuart Farm Walk 28.2.17

Over 180 beef producers from across the South West attended a specialist technical meeting on efficient beef cattle rearing.

The meeting took place on Tuesday 28th February and covered a wide range of subject matter; from assessing the rumen efficiency of beef cattle, to practical steps local producers can take to help achieve the best carcass classification.

Guest speakers at the meeting included John Dracup, Livestock Procurement Director from 2 Sisters Food Group, ForFarmers’ Tim Bellamy, Exeter Mill’s Project Coordinator, and Marine Gauthier, Ruminant Technical Development Manager with Lallemand Animal Nutrition. 

ForFarmers hosted the event which, as well as the technical presentations, incorporated a farm walk around Stuart Partners’ beef unit in Hill Barton, Exeter, where around 1,500 cattle are finished on an annual basis.

This beef unit represents an excellent example of efficient cattle rearing; combining state of the art facilities, good stockmanship and the right feed (which includes ForFamers Primegrade plus Levucell finishing ration) to ensure consistent, high average daily liveweight gains of 3kg.

Despite challenges that producers within the beef sector are currently facing, the atmosphere at the meeting was a positive one, and the high attendance figures are testament to the drive of South West producers to improve performance and achieve faster and more efficient rearing of beef cattle.