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Caring for your pigs

Afbeelding: pigs_rooting_small


Pigs need comfort and shelter, access to fresh water and a healthy diet to ensure they maintain their health.

Pigs will often turn over their water dishes in favour of a roll in the water.  A dug out "wallow" is an ideal way for keeping pigs cool in the summer.  They don't sweat, so this is their way of cooling down, so allow some shade as well as plenty of water as their skin easily burns in the warmer months.

They don't like change and can easily be scared, approach with caution and usually a treat of some description!  A stressed pig can die of a heart attack, so if you are approaching a pig for any particular reason and you can't win them over, retreat and try again later.

Pigs are highly intelligent, sensitive animals and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, consistency in your everyday care and the food and shelter you provide will be rewarded in their behaviour towards you.

Pigs will spend a lot of their day rooting, foraging and exploring their environment.  Plastic balls, tyres and straw can be a good playing aids in their pen, which will prevent them from getting bored and encourage exercise and stimulation.  If pigs get bored they may become obese, constipated and their feet can get overgrown.Routine Checklist.

Fresh supply of food & water Utensil cleaning
Individual food quota Tree condition
Body inspection Pen check
Cleanliness of sty / housing  
Check perimeter fencing MONTHLY
Automatic drinkers Worming (every 6mths) 
Wallow levels (during summer mths) Clean out sleeping quarters
Record-keeping Feed requirements