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Farmgate Smallholder Feed Range

Farmgate Feeds provide a complete range of feed to suit a wide variety of poultry and livestock. This includes; Chickens, Goats, Ducks, Pigs, Sheep, Calves and Cows. Our range of feeds are available in 20kg bags.

Disclaimer: Availability of products may vary in your area so please check directly with your local supplier.

    Sow and Weaner Nuts and Rolls

    The Farmgate Sow & Weaner range offers 2 highly palatable products to suit all feeding regimes to feed to sows & their piglets. With added Omega 3, these diets ensure good milk production, which results in well grown, healthy piglets.

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    Pig Rearer

    A highly palatable rearing pellet designed to provide the pig with the optimum balance of nutrients for healthy and efficient growth and to maximise lean meat deposition.

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    Chick Crumbs ACS

    A specially formulated starter crumb containing essential vitamins and trace elements. First choice for feeding from day old up to six weeks for laying pullets and up to four weeks for table poultry.

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    Rearer Pellets ACS

    A balanced rearing pellet containing essential amino acids and minerals necessary for strong, healthy bones and good feather quality. Suitable to follow chick crumbs through to point of lay for laying birds or until finisher is introduced for table poultry.

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    Layer Pellets and Mash

    The two Farmgate Layers feeds have an excellent pedigree within our range. Both Layers Pellets and Layers Mash contain optimum levels of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D3 for bone strength, good shell quality, rich yellow yolk colour, high egg numbers and excellent egg size. Feed from up to four weeks before onset of lay, throughout the laying period until depletion.

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