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Afbeelding: pig_housing

Feeding your Pigs

Like humans, you should try and feed your pigs to a set routine.  In their usual environment they will eat little and often.  Not a practical feeding regime, so unless you are using ad-lib feeders, feed them twice a day - morning / afternoon.Compound feeds are formulated as a complete ration and include all the necessary vitamins and minerals required.  These are available in a starter ration all the way through to a finishing ration (please refer to our feeding guidelines for Pigs with our Farmgate Feeds)Our Sow & Weaner diets now include added Omega 3 fatty acids, features and benefits of this in the diets are as below:





 Omega 3 Fatty Acids  Improved milk quality Heavier weaning weights & less mortality 
   Improved embryo development Increased birthweights in piglets 
  Increased Omega 3 in colostrum  Healthier & more viable piglets 
  Increased hormonal status  Increased litter size & ovulation rate 

The basics:

  • Commence creep feeding at 10 - 14 days of age
  • Offer creep feed on a flat, clean, dry surface - the floor can be used if solid, alternatively you can use a shallow tray or a mat.  Mats should only be used when trying to "start" pigs eating.
  • Place the mats / trays close to the pigs, but avoiding direct heat as the feed will go stale quickly.
  • Feed twice a day, with small amounts.  Remove uneaten creep feed and give to the sow.
  • Offer the feed when the sows are feeding and unlikely to  be suckled for some time - the piglets will be active elsewhere.
  • The availability of clean water can increase creep feed intake.





Sows - during pregnancySows - during lactationBoars & Piglets  Farmgate Sow & Weaner Nuts 2.5 - 3.5kg / dayIncreasing 0.5kg daily from 3 days post farrowing up to 6kg / day2.5 - 3.5 kg / dayAd lib access up to 8 weeks
  Farmgate Sow & Weaner Rolls  As per Farmgate Sow & Weaner Nuts
 8 wks onwards Farmgate Pig Rearer Feed Ad lib to pigs from 8 weeks of age, alternatively feed to appetite to a maximum of 2.5kg / day / pig.