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Adopt a strict biosecurity and hygiene strategy

Afbeelding: Grower prod icon
  • Consider elimination of pathogens from the herd where appropriate and practically feasible, as directed by vet
  • Vaccinate for infectious diseases present within the herd (or those that pose a risk), as directed by vet
  • Medicate for diseases endemic within the farm (such as worms, lice and mange), as directed by vet
  • Quarantine incoming stock >200 metres from primary herd, for >30-60 days and acclimatise to diseases in recipient herd before introduction
  • Ensure high levels of staff / visitor hygiene on entry and between departments (shower in, Hand sanitise, Boot wash, clothing change)
  • Reduce introduction of new disease through deliveries, through farm machinery, by rodents, birds and flies
  • Optimise manure storage and disposal to reduce cross contamination
  • Secure footpaths and public access to prevent direct access to pigs