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The ULTRA Pig Grower and Finisher range has been designed to meet the genetic potential of the pigs in each specific unit and to take into account the effect of appetite, disease challenge and environmental conditions in order to optimise overall performance.

The range includes grower and finisher concentrates and bespoke premixes which apply the nutritional principals of ULTRA and are available for on farm mill and mixing.

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ULTRA: Nutritional Innovations for Grower and Finisher

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ULTRA: Meeting the needs of the modern finisher producer
ULTRA delivers more than growth by maximising feed efficiency, supporting gut health, helping reduce mortality and reducing aggression in finishing pigs. Click above to find out more about ULTRA's solutions to your growing needs.
ULTRA: Nutritional innovations
ULTRA is underpinned by a range of nutritional innovations which target specific areas of finisher production, including growth, efficiency, health and welfare. Click above to find out more about the ULTRA nutritional innovations.
ULTRA: Performance
ULTRA pig finisher feed has been developed by ForFarmers Nutrition and Innovation Centre, and has been extensively trialled on 111,552 finisher pigs across Northwest Europe. Click above to find out more about the ULTRA unprecedented trial results.

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Pig data analysis
ForFarmers new data analysis tool, in association with Agrosoft, helps provide you with a greater understanding of how your pig herd is performing through benchmarking and trend analysis.
Water quality
ForFarmers and Selko’s solution to improving water quality to support your pig herds’ gut health.
Antibiotic reduction
The ForFarmers Guide to Pig Health, designed to help you reduce the reliance on antibiotics by focussing on four key areas: nutrition, management, environment and team work.

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