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Homemix Nutrition: Solutions for home mill and mix

Homemix Nutrition is the division of ForFarmers dedicated to providing products and services for customers who home mill and mix their own feeds.

Homemix Nutrition is the UK’s leading provider of products and services dedicated to the homemix livestock sector. Our product range is largely targeted at the pig and poultry sector, yet having the flexibility and the skills to provide nutritional solutions to all other types of livestock.

Mixing dry or wet by-products and making the right homemix nutrition is not a task anyone can take on, which is why ForFarmers employs specialists to assist you with professional advice. Our specialists know how to accurately estimate the nutritional value of the components, and supplement them where necessary with a complementary compound feed.

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Homemix Services

Through our ongoing investment in research and development, we are continually updating our knowledge base.  Our Nutritionists and advisers are  combine expertise and experience gained over many years with first class nutritional knowledge to help you design your own bespoke diets.


Homemix Nutrition services include:

Raw material and finished product sampling programmes

We have access to an unrivalled raw material database which is continually updated as new information becomes available.

Pig growth model

This world class model has been designed and fine-tuned over many years. The model incorporates a unique set of criteria exclusive to Homemix Nutrition. Every farm situation is different and the growth model recognises this and provides the most 'profitable' recommendations. The model is an invaluable aid to decision making in any market situation.

Pig Monitor

A bureau recording system which enables simple yet effective costings and performance management.

Nutritional Science and Innovation

ForFarmers own Nutritional Innovation Centre undertakes significant and innovative research, often in collaboration with leading Universities and Research Institutes.

This research helps our nutritionists identify practical solutions to each and every farm situation. With the most up to date research at our disposal, the nutritional advice we can offer allows us to help our customers maximise their performance and returns.

Working in Partnership

ForFarmers is strategic partners with Trouw Nutrition. This collaborative partnership provides Homemix Nutrition with access to an unparalleled level of research and development and an extended knowledge of micro-nutrients used in Premixes.

As the 'Total Feed Business' the Homemix Nutrition team has expert knowledge of liquid products, ensuring our customers have access to total feed solutions.