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ForFarmers launch Agroscoop

Sector News Sector News2-7-2018

ForFarmers recognise the importance of data and benchmarking for Pig Producers in the launch of a new data analysis tool.

At the Pig and Poultry Fair, ForFarmers launched a new data analysis and benchmarking tool for pig producers. Agroscoop was shortlisted in the 2018 Pig and Poultry Fair Innovation Award. Agroscoop, in association with Agrosoft, is a new and innovative system helping pig producers realise the potential of their herd’s performance. Pig World spoke to ForFarmers at the fair to find out more about the tool.

The tool has been designed for all pig producers currently or wishing to use for their data monitoring. The tool provides Pig producers with a greater understanding of their herd’s current performance and highlights potential areas of improvement, to aid with future proofing the pig producers business.

The benefit of data analysis in pig production

 “In a market where it is becoming commonplace to have multisite businesses, the data recorded has naturally grown in volume and complexity. Agroscoop has been designed to interpret that data to provide  easy to read and accessible reports, ” comments Beth Austermuhle, Commercial Manager overseeing the implementation of the new tool.

“Agroscoop not only allows producers to maximise their on farm performance, but it also saves time in an environment where time is money. We are aiming to help support producers efficiently and effectively manage their business.

“Having the ability to know exactly how your herd is performing in real time to enable you to realise profit potential or take remedial action is becoming more important, especially when also aiming to reduce reliance on antibiotics and maintain the high welfare standards of British pork

The features of Agroscoop

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At the forefront of Agroscoop is the tool’s dashboard which centres around 8 key industry production parameters. A red, amber and green system is used to show the units performance against their own business targets which can be set with ForFarmers.  

Some of the more interesting parameters include:

  1. Number of litters <10 live born piglets
  2. % Irregular repeat services per time period
  3. Parity distribution over time
  4. Number of piglets born by gilts in relation to age of 1st service

ForFarmers’ team discuss with producers the analysis and data in detail in order to develop business and performance objectives as well as identify areas of improvement.


Agroscoop’s ability to track on farm performance against an industry standard allows for the possibility to benchmark against comparative farms in both the UK and North West Europe. By setting specific targets, Agroscoop helps to keep both multi and single site farms competitive and supports maximum performance.

 “Agroscoop has been created with the needs of the producer at its core. Agroscoop has been designed to take high volumes of complex data, analyse it and present the results in easy to read accessible reports, which will enable our customers to identify areas of improvement to get the best performance from their businesses”.

Vicky Scott of Morgan Sisters spoke about her experience with Agroscoop.

“I really like Agroscoop. The dashboard is visual and the dials are easy to read so I can clearly see where improvements can be made. The suite of Agroscoop reports help highlight specific areas of concern as well as areas where we’re doing well. I use individual targets for each unit so we can really push ourselves further forward and strive for maximum performance from my pigs.”  Vicky Scott, Morgan Sisters

The tool is free for ForFarmers customers. But it is available for other producers as well.

Innovation of the year runner up

ForFarmers officially launched Agroscoop at this year’s Pig and Poultry Fair, where it was also entered into the Innovation Trail. After being judged against strict criteria, Agroscoop was short listed as 4th in the top 10 Innovations judged to make a difference to the future of the pig industry. 

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