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How farmers across Europe are preparing for a future beyond zinc

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In the second instalment of our Preparing for a Future Beyond Zinc series in the latest issue of Pig World, ForFarmers’ Emma Slater spoke to pig specialists from across the group’s European network to assess how farmers elsewhere are performing with and without zinc oxide in piglet diets.

It is not just in the UK, of course, that pig producer are contemplating life beyond zinc. Zinc oxide has typically been used in piglet diets across the EU for the prevention of post-weaning diarrhoea and bowel oedema disease in pigs.

Currently, producers are able to use therapeutic levels of zinc (up to 2,500ppm), but by 2022 this will be significantly reduced to a maximum addition rate of 110ppm (150ppm total) due the EU-wide changes agreed in 2017.

Member states have been, to varying degrees, considering how to manage the change. Already, for example, Danish trials are reported to have demonstrated a transition from full to half rate zinc without any negative impact on performance or increased antibiotic use.

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