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Preparing for a future beyond zinc

Sector News Sector News19-6-2020
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In the first of a series, Pig World in association with ForFarmers, looks at a future beyond zinc oxide for UK pig producers, Alister Driver (Pig World) explores the uncertain political backdrop and asks whether enough is being done to prepare for a ban.

It is nearly three years ago that the European Commission confirmed that Member States would have until June 2022 to withdraw zinc oxide products used at medicinal levels in pig feed.

The five-year transition, following strong lobbying from the NPA, represented something of a relief at the time, after initial indications from Brussels that the ban could be more imminent.

But now well over half way through the transition, we still do not know how, following our exit from the EU, the ban will be implemented in the UK. There are also concerns that, while some work to find alternative approaches has been done, the UK industry still has a long way to fully prepare for life beyond zinc.

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