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The circular route to sustainable pig diets

The circular route to sustainable pig diets

 With an ever-increasing focus on farming’s environmental footprint, principal National Pig Awards sponsor ForFarmers is embracing the circular approach to sustainable food production. 

Cohesive plans are being made to reduce the environmental impact of livestock production, with businesses and individuals increasingly aware that we all have a responsibility to live and work in a more sustainable way. 

ForFarmers is taking a leading role in the industry’s discussions and has developed plans for a positive way forward, which recognise the important role of livestock in sustainable food systems. The fact that animals can transform low-value materials into high-value food forms the first part of ForFarmers’ circular approach, outlined in its new sustainability strategy ‘Going Circular, For the Future of Farming’.

The strategy is also focused on using or reusing by-products and co-products, which animals are also very good at, to avoid wasting resources. The third ambition is to achieve zero pollution from CO₂, nitrogen and phosphates to mitigate climate change and protect soil health and water quality.

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