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VIDA outperforms rival products again!

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Just before COVID-19 started playing havoc with all plans, ForFarmers started a feed trial with a producer in York; putting VIDA piglet nutrition to the test again, this time against a well-known starter feed supplier. The trial was planned to measure weight throughout the nursery period to establish growth rates, amongst a number of other KPIs, for each stage and corresponding diet change.

However, due to COVID-19 the team had to adapt the trial to cope with the restrictions. Instead the VIDA team collated starting weights and exits weights from the nursery. Results show that piglets fed VIDA had a heavier end weight, across the board, which resulted in a 30g per day growth advantage over the group of piglets fed on the other starter feed regime.

Business Manager Tim Sawyer comments: “When you’re making an investment into the early stages of nutrition for your piglets, with a starter feed such VIDA, having the confidence beforehand of that product performing and generating maximum returns from your investments is key.

“Whilst this isn’t the full trial we had planned, it’s yet another great example of the proven performance of VIDA. The pigs will now be followed through the Finisher Unit and we anticipate the gap in performance to continue to increase.”