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Working together, for better health

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The UK Pig industry faces a number of health challenges

Changes in feed ingredient legislation and a focus to minimise the use of medication means the challenge for pig farmers, vets and nutritionists to enhance piglet health, welfare and vitality has never been higher than now.

As the leading European pig feed business we believe that by working together, side by side, with our farmers, and the UK veterinary community, we can rise to this challenge, and deliver healthier pigs, better returns and greater efficiency.

Introducing NutriCare 360°

We’ve developed a holistic tool which considers the role of health, management and nutrition as part of a complete programme.

NutriCare 360 offers a structured approach to supporting producers in tackling some of the challenges facing the UK pig industry, with the overall goal of improving piglet health and vitality.

  • Joint development of a complimentary health and nutrition programme
  • Supported by a suite of on farm tools
  • Structured review meetings with the client

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