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Developed through an ongoing and robust UK and international trial programme and tried and tested on both indoor and outdoor units, VIDA piglet starter feed has been designed to meet the many challenges piglets face in every phase of their young lives.

We also have a range of diets specifically for zinc removal - tried and tested across Europe in recent years and now being adopted on units across the UK. Talk to ForFarmers Pig Technical Advisor, Emma Slater for more information: 07768 378266 

We have an in-house team of experts in piglet nutrition, a range of practical tools for monitoring and driving performance, and dedicated manufacturing facilities for producing VIDA.

Discover our practical tips and advice about going zinc free

The VIDA approach is a concept for birth to 70days- carefully designed, for each life stage of the piglet’s life. Check out our VIDA in a nutshell video.
How to transition to zinc free with VIDA piglet feeding regime

Links to our tools and services

Team VIDA piglet starter feeds
ForFarmers now has a dedicated team of experts in piglet nutrition, working with you to improve the performance of your piglets, to maximise your returns.
Pig data analysis
ForFarmers new data analysis tool, in association with Agrosoft, helps provide you with a greater understanding of how your pig herd is performing through benchmarking and trend analysis.
NutriCare 360
NutriCare 360 offers a structured approach to supporting producers in tackling some of the challenges facing the UK pig industry, with the overall goal of improving piglet health and vitality.
Water quality
ForFarmers and Selko’s solution to improving water quality to support your pig herds’ gut health.
Antibiotic reduction
The ForFarmers Guide to Pig Health, designed to help you reduce the reliance on antibiotics by focussing on four key areas: nutrition, management, environment and team work.