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pig prestarter feed

VIDA Prestarter

A Prestarter crumb or meal containing highly digestable protein sources all aimed at increasing the piglet's appetite and to prepare the gut for solid feed. A high density and palatable prestarter diet specifically designed to be fed to piglets prior to and for a few days after weaning.

What are the benefits in using VIDA prestarter?

  • Utilises specially processed starch to aid gut development and maximise weaning weight
  • Contains a unique milk blend to provide continuity with sow’s milk
  • Improves feed utilisation and reduces the risk of scouring
  • Comprehensive inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals
  • The meal sticks readily to piglets noses encouraging rapid feed intake and gets the piglets used to solid feed
  • Prestarter crumb and meal has the same unique flavour as Ultima and Maxima, allowing a smooth changeover to the next diet
  • It mixes easily when fed as a gruel. The gruel remains homogeneous after mixing.