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Farmgate Smallholder Pig Feed Range

Farmgate Feeds provide a complete range of feed to suit a wide variety of poultry and livestock. This includes; Chickens, Goats, Ducks, Pigs, Sheep, Calves and Cows. Our range of feeds are available in 20kg bags.

Disclaimer: Availability of products may vary in your area so please check directly with your local supplier.

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    Sow and Weaner Nuts and Rolls

    The Farmgate Sow & Weaner range offers 2 highly palatable products to suit all feeding regimes to feed to sows & their piglets. With added Omega 3, these diets ensure good milk production, which results in well grown, healthy piglets.

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    Pig Rearer

    A highly palatable rearing pellet designed to provide the pig with the optimum balance of nutrients for healthy and efficient growth and to maximise lean meat deposition.

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