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Afbeelding: healthy_pigs_feeding

Useful Hints and Tips for Pigs

Tail biting, aggression Barren environment, lack of space and inadequate stimulation 

Provide adequate space, bedding to root & forage for comfort

Lameness  Joint disorders, infection & foot injuries  Inappropriate indoor flooring / stony soil in outdoor environments 
Abnormal behaviour: eg navel sucking, belly nosing
Early weaning
Law requires min. weaned at 28 days, 26 is the normal in the UK (21 days under certain  provisos)
Mortality during weaning Disease, chilling, starvation, over-lying, crushing  Adequate nutrition, safety from overlying, draught free environment
Travel sickness / unregulated body temperature Caused by loading / un-loading Fast for a limited period of time prior to travelling 
Heat stress Too much warm weather or an overweight sow in the midst of farrowing or a fat pig with too much condition on  Lower pigs temperature by way of hosepipe, wet hessian sacks, cold buckets of water

Owners of pigs, even pet pigs must notify the local Animal Health Authority (AHO) or the Trading Standards Office.
It is illegal to feed any catering waste or meat since the outbreak of Foot & Mouth in 2001.  The outbreak, which was found to be from a farm where unprocessed waste food was being fed, caused the Government to review and subsequently ban the feeding of catering waste to any farmed animals, ruminant, pig or poultry.
Once you have bought your pigs home, they will be under a 20 day standstill rule.  This rule is there to protect against the spread or outbreak of disease - it acts as an incubation period that alleviates the spread of dicease.Remember the five "H"s:Good - Healthy, Heart, Husbandry, Hygiene make for Happy pigs