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ForFarmers Sow Feed Range

NOVA means innovation, based on extensive research and development undertaken by ForFarmers’ own Nutritional Innovation Centre (NIC) and trialled on a large number of commercial farms throughout North
West Europe. The NOVA range has been developed to ensure total performance throughout the sow’s reproductive lifetime from gilt rearing and first service through to successful farrowing and weaning.

With this in mind, NOVA has been designed to deliver on three key pillars:

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NOVA - Perfectly Balanced

NOVA is a supported by three key elements which make it unique: 


  • Supported by a team of experts to match your production goals with our feed
  • Trained by ForFarmers swine academy to ensure you benefit from the latest innovations and knowledge


  • Includes specifically selected cereals and structural fibres to support gut condition
  • Formulated using high quality ingrediants and detailed nutrient analysis to ensure optimum nutirional performance


  • Specifically forulated to achieve full genetic potential and results from the sow
  • Supported by tools and allowing for robust planning, monitoring and performance analysis