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Team Apollo – Here for you

Andrew Fothergill, National Poultry Advisor

Andrew Fothergill

A font of knowledge on all aspects of poultry nutrition, Andrew has been part of ForFarmers (previously BOCM PAULS) for nearly 20 years after his former role as Hillsdown Group’s poultry nutritionist.

Andrew supports broiler producers by delivering the best nutritional solution through Apollo feeding programmes, using diet design and formulation as well as the planning, manufacturing and delivery. In this varied role, Andrew provides the most practical solution for wide-ranging challenges including those posed by our climate and individual on-farm conditions.

Andrew comments: “Apollo was designed from core principles of nutrition to match the prevailing genetics we are feeding, without any commercial involvement from concept to delivery, enabling us to demonstrate technical performance, and prove that returns outweighed investment.”

Andrew works closely with Mark Brightmore, who has recently moved into a new role as business support specialist for broiler, providing hands-on, on-farm support. This vital link between broiler producers and ForFarmers’ teams enables Andrew and Mark to collaborate to fine-tune the broiler offering, ensuring that it remains best in class.

Mark Brightmore, Business Support Specialist - Broiler

Mark Brightmore

After five years as a key account manager, Mark moved into this brand-new role using his expertise to work closely with broiler producers and supporting them to get the best results. Mark covered a vast area in his previous role, from Lincolnshire, across to Teeside and Cumbria, and as such he has a substantial knowledge of conditions, environmental factors and poultry health.

Mark is undoubtedly at home amongst chickens, and from his experience can observe poultry behaviour, health and performance, gathering data and identifying where any anomalies can be explained by known events. Mark, Andrew and the rest of team Apollo utilise this data to understand what the outcomes are showing them about the effectiveness of each Apollo feeding programme.

Mark has been involved with Apollo from the start and has experienced first-hand how the range continues to evolve to support the nutritional needs to the modern broiler. He is now at the forefront of rolling out the ForFarmers e-broiler performance app to support the crucial data collection element, allowing the Apollo team to continue to pinpoint unique solutions for each customer.