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    VITAFOCUS Supreme Layer Feeds

    Supreme layer feeds include five diets which focus on supporting optimum egg numbers or egg weight for free range producers.

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    VITAFOCUS Prestige Layer Feeds

    VITAFOCUS Prestige layer feeds are designed for indoor production systems which are focused on high egg output.

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    VITAFOCUS Caledonian Layer Feeds

    Caledonian layer feeds have been developed to provide a larger egg with a deep yolk colour to meet the unique requirements of the Scottish egg producer/retailer. 

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    VITAFOCUS Organic Layer feeds

    • A challenge when formulating organic diets is delivering amino acid requirements without access to pure individual amino acids, which inevitably leads to the oversupply of protein. ForFarmers Organic layer feeds include feed materials that support the bird’s functional methionine requirements and methionine regeneration; freeing up other sources of the amino acid for structural processes essential for increased productivity and egg size.
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